How to write an application to a manager for leave (With examples)

In this fast-paced developing and stressful world, it is very important to know the significance of taking leave. It helps to maintain a healthy work-life balance. And to restore our full energy. This article highlights the importance of the application to a manager for leave. And we will also tell you the correct format of the leave application and tips to write it. 

Let us first understand the importance of this leave application. 

Importance of leave application

One of the major reasons for taking leave is to rest and restore our full energy. Continuous work without breaks can lead to stress, depression, and reduced productivity. Taking time off allows employees to recharge, relax, and engage in activities they enjoy outside of the workplace. By stepping away from their professional responsibilities, individuals can return with renewed energy, creativity, and motivation, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and job satisfaction.

To get a healthy work-life balance it is necessary to take a leave at regular intervals. Taking leave does not decrease productivity; instead, it can boost it. By providing employees with good rest and time away from work, organizations create an environment that fosters innovation and creativity.

Stepping back from daily routines allows individuals to gain new perspectives, recharge their minds, and return with fresh ideas and approaches to problem-solving. Ultimately, this results in increased productivity, efficiency, and improved overall performance.

Tips to write an application to the manager for leave.

In many companies, it is mandatory to submit a leave application if taking a leave. Even if submitting a leave application is not mandatory in your company, it is always better to submit one as a matter of professional courtesy. Intimating your absence formally goes a long way in keeping you in the good books of your employer.

Let us move to the tips to write the application to the manager for leave. 

  1. Check your company’s leave policy: Many companies have a policy that leaves applications must be submitted before a certain period or days. It is better to review it once so that we feel free before submitting our leave application.
  2. Submit your leave application to the right person: Most of the time it is the manager who holds the power to approve your leave. So you should submit it directly to the authorized person (Mostly the manager).
  3. Add the proper salutation: If you are submitting the leave application to the manager you must salute them with the proper name or post. 
  4. Always use formal and professional language: You must always use formal and professional language in your leave application to the manager. Don’t worry about this tip because we will provide you with the perfect and best leave application. 
  5. KISS: Keep it super simple. 

Always include these in your Leave application

You must include these things when writing an application to the manager for leave 

  • Date
  • Name and address (Of the Manager)
  • Subject (Reason for writing the application)
  • Salutation
  • Dates when you will be off to the work
  • Reason for your leave
  • Your information like Name, Post, and Contact

Now, let us move directly to the main thing which is the format of the application to the manager for leave 


[Name of the recipient]

[Designation, company name and address of the recipient]

Subject: Request for [casual/sick/any other type of] leave

Dear Mr./Mrs. [recipient’s last name],

[Body of the letter: Request for leave. Include the duration of leave, reason for leave]

[Thank you note: Thank the recipient for considering your leave application]

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Signature]

[Your Name]

[Your job title and contact details]

Example of application to the manager for leave.

We provided you with the importance, tips, and the perfect format to write an application to the manager for leave. We hope you liked our content and it was useful for you and your work. 

We would love to listen to your feedback and corrections if needed in this post/content. You can comment on your precious thoughts in the comment section related to the application to the manager for leave. 

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