List of Top 50+ Colours Name in Hindi and English | रंगों के नाम अंग्रेजी और हिंदी में

We will provide you with the list of colours [Name] in English and Hindi. Which will help your child to stay one step ahead of every other child in the class. This world is full of colours, everything which you see around you has colour except some things like water which is colourless. 

From sunset to sunrise, from rainbow to soil, from trees to marine life everything has colours. And many times we, adults also forget the colour’s name. Or get confused about some colour’s names. But now you don’t need to get worried, we will give you the list of colours names. Which will help you to know the colour’s name when you are confused. 

Let us first understand some more things about colours and their naming.

Colours name

Before we dive into the fascinating world of color psychology, let us first understand the origins of color names. Humans have been describing colors since ancient times, using language to distinguish and name the shades around them. Early languages had limited color vocabulary, often using simple descriptors such as “dark” or “light” to refer to colors.

Over time, the colours started developing a need to name and add more colours to the human dictionary. New colours were explored and today it is said that we have almost 10 million colours and their shades. 

Colours are an integral part of our world. And if we talk about the Indian culture and society, colour plays a major role. There is even a very loved festival celebrated in India which is Holi. I am pretty sure every one of us loves to play Holi, Which is also known as the festival of colours. 

As an Indian, it is very important to learn colours names as much as possible. And if your child will learn the colours name which we provide you in this post. They will stay one step ahead of every other child of their age. This will help them in the future. 

Learning colours name also helps us in our daily lives. Many times we use our colour knowledge in describing things for example we use these phrases in very frequent ways like “Can you see that boy in a yellow t-shirt?” or “We should eat green vegetables” Like this there are millions of uses of colours name.

So, let’s directly move towards these colours name. And learn them easily with a given diagram and list.

English Colour NameHindi Colour NameColours sample
Gray / GreyधूसरGray
English Colours NameHindi Colours NameColours Sample
Sky Blueआसमानी नीलाSky Blue
Navy Blueगहरा नीलाNavy Blue
Aquaपानी का नीलाAqua
Lilacबैंगनी फूलLilac
Mint Greenपुदीना हराMint Green
Coral Pinkमूंगा गुलाबीCoral Pink
Turquoise Blueफ़िरोज़ी नीलाTurquoise Blue
Dark Greenगहरा हराDark Green
Dark Blueगहरा नीलाDark Blue
Dark Redगहरा लालDark Red
Dark Brownगहरा भूराDark Brown
Dark Gray / Greyगहरा धूसरDark Gray
Dark Purpleगहरा बैंगनीDark Purple
Light Greenहल्का हराLight Green
Light Blueहल्का नीलाLight Blue
Light Yellowहल्का पीलाLight Yellow
Light Orangeहल्का नारंगीLight Orange
Light Pinkहल्का गुलाबीLight Pink
Light Purpleहल्का बैंगनीLight Purple
Light Brownहल्का भूराLight Brown
Light Gray / Greyहल्का धूसरLight Gray

Colors are an integral part of our lives, enriching our world with beauty and emotional depth. From the origins of colours names to the cultural symbolism they carry, the influence of colors on language and psychology is undeniable. Understanding the profound impact of colors on human emotions and behavior can enhance communication, design, and marketing strategies, allowing us to create a more harmonious and culturally sensitive world where the vibrant hues around us continue to inspire and delight.

In the end, I would only say that we worked very hard for you and your child. We hope you liked our post and your child must have learned something from this post. 

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