Flower names (Phoolon ke Naam) in English and Hindi with images 

In this post, we will discuss about flower names in English and Hindi with images. To make your child learn them easily and faster. Learning these basic things like vegetable names, fruit names and many more can help your child to develop faster.

And this can even help them in the future to be one step ahead of all other children who don’t know this basic information. Learning flower names in Hindi and English comes with general knowledge. And GK is something that can be learned without any limit. Flowers are nature’s gift, and they are admired for their beauty, fragrance, and colors.

In this post, we will explore the flower names in English and Hindi with their images. Before moving toward the list of flowers first, let’s understand some more things about them. 

About flowers

There are a lot of common flowers which we can see in our surroundings like Roses, Jasmine, Sunflowers, Marigolds, etc. Let us understand something interesting about them.


Rose (Gulaab) in Hindi is the flower that everyone admires. It is one of the most loved and widely recognized flowers in this world. It is the symbol of love and care. There’s even a specific day named rose day, where lovers convey their love with the help of a red rose. This shows how important flowers are in conveying our feelings.


Marigold (Genda) in Hindi is a flower that contains very vibrant colors. Which catches our eyes with its beauty and colors. It is often used in Indian cultural ceremonies, Festivals, Religious places, and Festivals. Marigolds represent auspiciousness, devotion, and prosperity.


Sunflowers (Surajmukhi) in Hindi are large flowers that face the sun. They have a special ability to turn their face towards the sun and they move their faces throughout the day as per the sun’s direction. They symbolize positivity, happiness, and vitality. They are admired for their bright and vibrant yellow color which is very cheerful.

Every flower contains its unique significance just like humans. Like every human is unique, every flower is also unique. And this shows why flowers and learning flower names in Hindi as well as in English is also very important

Flower Names in Hindi & English

There is a huge market profile for flowers in India. Numerous people cultivate flowers every day and sell them to run their daily lifestyle. And many tonnes of flowers come every day in the market and are used as per customer’s usage.This shows how important flowers are in people’s life. And is the profession for many.

So it becomes very important to learn some common flower names in Hindi and English. This will help you or your child in the future. So, after knowing this information you must be curious to have a look at flower names in Hindi and English with images. And it’s time to learn them, let us move towards the list and memorize their beautiful flowers.


Lotusकमल का फूल

Butterfly Peaअपराजिता


Golden Shower Flowerअमलतास

Yellow Marigoldगेंदे का फूल

Pot Marigoldगुले अशर्फ़ी

Jasmineचमेली के फूल

Sunflowerसूरजमुखी का फूल

Common White Frangipaniगुलैन्ची

Hibiscusगुड़हल का फूल

Daisyगुलबहार का फूल

Scarlet Milkweedकाकतुण्डी

Tulipकन्द पुष्प


Cobra Saffronनाग चम्पा

Yellow Oleanderपीला कनेर

Lavenderलैवेंडर के फूल


Blue Water Lilyनीलकमल

Aloe Vera Flowerघृत कुमारी

Chamomileबबुने का फुल

We took a long tour of Flower names in Hindi and English with images. Images will help your child to memorize flowers easily. Learning flower names in Hindi and English allows us to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the natural world. We hope you like our flower names post. We promise you to bring the best and most informative blog posts in the future too. We just want your support and love to work more hard for you. 

You can comment your favorite flower in the comment section. 

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