(MTP) Everything you need you know about Medical Termination of Pregnancy.

MTP is also known as abortion. And I guess everybody is quite knowledgeable about abortion, and if you know about abortion you get very easily about MTP. It is a point to be happy if you are pregnant but sometimes parents are bounded to abort their child. And MTP is used to abort a child if the mother is not ready to give birth. Let us discuss more about MTP and learn about it. 

What is MTP?

MTP, also known as medical abortion or abortion, is a medical technique performed to end a pregnancy. It involves the use of medication or surgery to safely and effectively end the pregnancy. MTP provides an option for women who find themselves in situations where continuing the pregnancy is not possible. When abortion is done using medication or drugs it is called MTP. 

The gynecological procedures of MTP are strictly bounded by the terms and laws of the MTP Act. This act allows the MTP for some genuine reasons. So let’s have a look at these reasons why abortion becomes legal.

Valid Reasons for Doing MTP

There are various reasons why a woman may choose to undergo MTP. Personal choice is one of the primary factors, where it is on the mother if she is mentally ready for that baby or not. there are more reasons why a mother can go for an MTP procedure such as financial instability, career goals, or personal plans.

It can be done for more valid reasons like:

  • It is a severe risk to the mother’s health (Pregnancy posing a risk to the mother’s life)
  • If the mother is facing any foetal abnormalities, which can affect the child’s life or affect the developing baby’s body parts, such as their heart, lungs, kidneys, limbs, or facial features.
  • Completion of a miscarriage
  • Unwanted pregnancy

Taking an abortion is one of the major decisions which can even affect the mother’s health not only in a physically manner but can also affect her mental state.

Who is eligible for MTP?

Women who have conceived accidentally and don’t want to have a child can opt for this abortion treatment but only in the early stages of pregnancy. It can only be done up to 9 weeks. Beyond this time it can only be done through surgical procedures. In special circumstances that are stated under the law in India, women can get an abortion up to 24 weeks.

Every lady thinking to get MTP done must first get a pre-checkup to know whether her body can undergo the process or not. 

Who is not eligible for MTP?

There are certain points where the lady is suggested not to undergo MTP or her body is not at all ready for the procedure. Which makes her ineligible for MTP. 

The Woman becomes ineligible for MTP if the case is of ectopic pregnancy. Medical conditions in which medical termination of pregnancy is not applicable are ovarian mass, anemia, adrenal failure, bleeding, and seizure disorders. Those who have high blood pressure, heart or kidney diseases. and the last point is if the Woman is using an intrauterine device (IUD).

These were the points where MTP is not suggested to a Woman.


When the pregnancy is detected, and want to abort that child. You must visit a registered gynecologist for a medical examination to check all the risk factors for your body if you are opting for an abortion. 

If your body is ready to get the MTP procedure done, you can even have this treatment at your home by taking the pills. a pill named Mifepristone is given either through injection or orally. Another pill named misoprostol is given to you in the next 36 to 72 hours which can be taken orally or inserted vaginally. 

Mifepristone helps to disassociate the uterine lining which prevents the zygote to grow further. The misoprostol causes contractions and removes the fetus. The process will be followed by extensive vaginal bleeding for the next two weeks.

After the bleeding through your vagina, you need them again to visit a gynecologist and ask them for a second check-up to make sure the procedure is done in a proper way or not. The whole process can take up to 2 to 3 weeks to conduct. And the recovery period can vary between 30 to 40 days.


We hope you liked our MTP post. We provided you the best genuine and every possible information about the abortion process. If there is anything we left by mistake about this process you can tell it in comment section. 

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