Top heartbroken status images for WhatsApp-Sad status images in Hindi and English

Sadness is an emotion that is hard to express in our words and mind. Our brain doesn’t work when we have to share our sorrow, guilt, or grief feelings. 

Do you even feel shy before sharing your heartbroken feelings? 

Yes we know, and we believe that every person on this earth feels shy and reserved when it comes to sharing our feelings and mostly our sad feelings. 

And if you too feel reserved when you have to share your sadness, you are in the correct place. 

We provide you with many sad heartbroken images for your status and story. To add on Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook. 

But before providing you with these Heart-touching Sad status images let me give you a detailed article on what sadness is. And how these sad images will help you if you add them to your status or story.

Sadness: The unshared feeling 

Sad feeling are emotions that every person feels at many points in their life. 

Sadness is a feeling that everyone feels shy about before sharing. It is the worst feeling but a good source to learn a life lesson. Sadness can eventually push anyone towards depression or any other severe mental disorder. This feeling can be caused by many bad experiences or over-expectations. 

When someone is sad, they may show some changes in their behavior or their way of talking might change. This can be a sign of showing their sadness. 

Before understanding how to deal with this emotion let us first understand the causes for this feeling.

In summary, sadness is a natural and common emotion experienced by everyone. It can be triggered by different situations and events in life. 

While sadness can be challenging, it also provides an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth. Seeking support, engaging in positive activities, and practicing self-care can help manage and overcome sadness. Remember, it’s okay to feel sad, and there is always hope for more hopeful days ahead.


Break-up’s feeling is one of the most heartbreaking feelings in this world. 

The world feels like hell when we have a recent breakup. And it is the worst when someone cheats on you or leaves you without telling the genuine reason. 

I know when I had my break up. My world was shattered I didn’t have food for 2 days. My tears were unstoppable, they were coming out like raindrops from clouds. I was going towards depression. I stopped talking to my friends and family. They were so worried about me.

But after months of survival, I recovered from depression and started talking to others. I can confidently say that I was only able to recover myself through sharing my feelings with others who understand me.

We know that you had your breakup and now you wanna show them how heartbroken you are feeling. And what importance they keep in your life. 

This can even help you to get them back in your life or show others that your feelings are real. And you don’t fake your feelings.

A breakup can even affect our physical or mental state. It can take us to some worst decisions which are many times suicide or harming ourselves.

Every person thinks his/her breakup hurts the most but believe me every breakup is worst. You just need to share those sad feelings with some other person you feel secure with. To move on and recover.


Loneliness is one of the major reasons for one’s sadness. It can be very dangerous for a person who had many friends earlier. 

It feels like there is no one in our life. And every step towards our life’s survival feels like a heavy burden on our hearts. 

Friends are life for many people and loneliness can be very serious for them. It can directly push you toward’s depression and sadness.

You can share your sad feeling with your friends and can change this loneliness by making new friends around you. 


It is said that everything on this planet will be destroyed one day and will mix into this earth. And it is true, every person we love will leave us.

It can be our family members our lovers or our friends who leave us in this dangerous world.

After they leave us we feel like our world is shattered and our tears don’t stop. We feel heavy grief and sadness in our hearts. And we can show these feelings to our loved ones through sad status images. So, that they get to know about our situation and try to understand us and try to make our mood better. 

You can visit out heart touching sad shayari post where you will find top sad Shayari which will help you to share your sad feelings in a brain catchy way. You can also visit our sad DP for Whatsapp post to get high-quality sad DP images.

Relationship issues:

In today’s modern world, most people cheat on their lovers and try to make external affairs and try to balance both relationships. Which is wrong, many times they get caught red-handed. 

External affairs are the biggest problem for any relationship which can lead to a disaster. If they cheat on you and this lead to a harmful relationship. You can show this world that you were right on your path by sharing these sad images of your status and stories.

This will tell people how sad you are feeling, and they will try to help you in moving on from that harmful relationship.

These were the most common reasons for anyone’s sadness. There can be many more reasons for your sadness. 

It is important to know what are the reasons for your sadness. So that we provide you the 100% relatable content which will help you to share your sad feelings with others.

Now moving on, let us understand what are the benefits and impacts of these sad status images on your mental health and other’s brain and hearts.

Impacts of sad status on others

Increases mutual understanding:

Adding sad images on our social media statuses or stories can impact our viewers or friends directly. which leads to an understanding between you both.

It develops a sense of mutual understanding between you both. If a person cares for you and gets bothered if you are sad, that person would be counted as your real friend. When you show your feelings to them. And they understand your bridge of connection and understanding eventually increases.

If you want someone to ask you about your feelings sad status images are the best option to test them.

You can visit our friendship shayari post to get the best shayari on dosti.

Sharing sadness:

sharing sadness directly decreases your sad feeling there’s a nice saying that

‘Happiness increases when it is shared; 

while grief reduces when it is shared!”

Sharing sadness is the best way to get rid of it. And in this modern world sharing anything cant get more easier than sharing it on your social media handles.

Status and story are the best options in today’s world to share thoughts and feelings. 


We all feel mood-off and low at many points in our life. Our life is like a roller coaster which sometimes is at its peak and gives s happiness but at another second it makes us sad and depressed.

And at our low times, we all need someone’s support. Mostly from the people we love. But we can’t share our sad feelings directly to ask for support.

At this time status or story is the only option to show our sadness to our loved ones. 

There are a lot more benefits of these mind-blowing sad images for status and story, these were just some reasons to add sad images to the story. 

How to add a story

Everybody knows how to add a status on WhatsApp. But in case you don’t know or have a doubt we are here to help you and make you learn how to add a status. 

You just need to follow these simple basic steps to add a status:

  1. Download your favorite sad image from this sad Shayari post from shayariverse.
  2. After downloading your favorite high-quality image, open WhatsApp and go to the status option. And click on the green button which contains the camera icon.
  3. Then just select your recently downloaded sad image from shayariverse and upload it.

Cheers! Your sad status image is been uploaded.

You can find the best high-quality sad images to share on your status. We work hard for you, to provide you with the best content. We search the whole internet with the content sort it, edit it, and present you in a very beautiful way. Our hearts would get melt if you use these images and share them on your status or stories.

Sad images for status [In Hindi and english]

For Indians, Hindi is the best language to share their feelings. Because they can connect with their Hindi language. So we find and provide you with the best high-quality sad images in Hindi words. So that if you are more comfortable in Hindi you can share your feelings in Hindi and can connect your hearts with more emotion. 

But if you are more comfortable and like to share your feelings in English via your status or story, you can use sad images in English which can transfer feelings the same way Hindi does.

We provided you with the best sad images which you can add to your statuses and get their benefits.
You can use it for a lot of purposes which we discussed in this article.
There is a lot of potential in these sad images. They can help you to fight your depression, challenges, and a broken heart. And can give you a new start with a new energy in your life.
We hope you will use them wisely to take their full potential.
We love to read your comments, you can add comments to help us getting improved for your help.
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