Best Sad and Love Shayari in Urdu | اردو میں بہترین اداس اور محبت کی شایری 

Urdu Shayari is an expressive and artistic form of poetry. Everyone who loves poetry will love Urdu Shayari. This form of Shayari has captured millions and millions of hearts from previous centuries. Shayari in Urdu originated in the 13th century. It is considered a very important part of our Indian subcontinental culture. Urdu Shayari is loved by most people from southern Asia and mainly from India and Pakistan.

Our old rulers (Mainly the Mughals) were obsessed with this Shayari in Urdu. This form of poetry even generated much employment at that time. And even today many people are opting for this talent as their career. 

But many common people also read and find shayari in Urdu on the internet just to get a sense of relief and entertainment. Many of them also search for the Shayari in Urdu images to add them to their social media statuses or stories. And if you are the one who is searching for the best Shayari in Urdu, you are in the correct place.

We will provide you with the best Urdu Shayari with images. We have provided you the Shayari in Urdu in two genres, which are love urdu shayari and sad urdu shayari. Which you can use as per your mood. 

But before that let us first understand what is urdu shayari, and how people started loving it.

History of Urdu Shayari

The roots of Urdu Shayari are deeply connected with the old Mughal emperors who ruled in India and Indian subcontinents. Mughal emperors used this form of poetry to express their emotions and thoughts. The Persian language was the main language in which poetry was written at that time. However, over time, Urdu Shayari developed its own unique identity, combining elements of local languages and cultural nuances.

Eventually, Urdu poetry rose and today every one of us loves it. In the time of the 18-19th century, some great shayars (poets) rose and gave Urdu Shayari a golden name and wrote some unforgettable Shayari in Urdu. Some of them were Mirza Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Allama Iqbal. 

Let us understand these Urdu shayars. 

Mirza Ghalib

Ghalib’s poetry embodies the essence of Urdu Shayari, reflecting the beauty of the language and sharing of human emotions. He skillfully blended classical elements, giving his verses a unique and timeless appeal. His poetry is marked by its philosophical outlook, profound insights, and exploration of the human experience.

Ghalib’s mastery of the Urdu language is evident in his ability. He is also known for introducing his pen name, “Ghalib,” meaning “conqueror” or “dominant,” which added a personal touch to his poetry and allowed him to carve his own identity in the world of Urdu Shayari.

Mir Taqi Mir

Mir Taqi Mir’s poetry remains a timeless treasure in the world of Urdu literature. His ability to convey complex emotions and philosophical ideas in exquisite verses continues to fascinate readers of poetry worldwide. His profound impact on Urdu literature and the lasting appeal of his verses ensure that Mir Taqi Mir’s legacy as a master poet, philosopher, and wordsmith remains immortalized in the hearts and minds of poetry enthusiasts for generations to come.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry is characterized by its lyrical beauty, powerful imagery, and a deep sense of empathy for the human condition. He had a unique ability to combine classical poetic traditions with contemporary expressions, making his work accessible to a wide range of audiences. His verses often explored themes of love, freedom, resistance, and the struggles of the common people. He was one of the leading Urdu shayars of his golden era.

Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal is one of the leading shayars from Pakistan. He wrote his golden verses in Urdu. Allama Iqbal’s life and work exemplify the power of poetry and philosophy to influence society positively. His contributions to the intellectual and ideological development of Pakistan, as well as his impact on Muslim, thought, ensure that his legacy endures as a source of inspiration for generations to come.

These were the Poets who rose the Urdu Shayari in ancient times. 

Shayari in Urdu

I think we have understood a lot about Shayari in Urdu. And if you understood it one question will arise in your mind Where to find the best Urdu Shayari? Don’t worry we are providing you with the Best Love and Sad Urdu Shayari. You can read and entertain yourself with these best Urdu Shayari.

So, let us get started without any more delay.

Love Shayari in Urdu

Love is the feeling of hearts. And the feelings which directly come from the heart are the most difficult feelings to express. But now don’t worry because these Love Shayari in Urdu will help you to share your feelings with your lovers and to them whom you care. Let us get started by seeing the best love shayari in Urdu.

اپنی سانسو كے دامن میں چھپا لو مجھکو
تیری روح میں اُتَر جانے کو جی چاہتا ہے

جو ہم پہ گزرے تھے رنج سارے
جو خود پہ گزرے تو لوگ سمجھے

نشہ رہتا ہے تیرے ہونٹوں کا
لوگ کہتے ہیں میں نے پی رکھی ہے

میرے محبوب آ تجھے چوم لوں
پِھر جو لطف آئے گا وہ آدھا تیرا آدھا میرا

پِھر نا کیجیے میری گستاخ نگاہی کا گِلا
دیکھیے آپ نے پِھر پیار سے دیکھا مجھے

لفظ سادہ ہیں ، مگر کتنے پیارے ہیں
تم ہمارے ہو ، ہم تمھارے ہیں

کل کی فکر ہے کس کو
تم ابھی تو میرے ہو

تو ہے میری من چاہی دعا
اور کچھ نا مانگوں اک تیرے سوا

تو مجھے اپنے پس ہی رکھ لے
مجھ سے رخصت نہیں ہُوا جاتا

جسے ہم چاہیں حضور
اسے اور کیا چاہیے

اپنی آواز سنا دو جاناں
صبر فر کبھی آزما لین

میری بے انتہا محبّت کی 
اکیلی وارث ہو تم میری جاناں 

دھیمے سروں میں کوئی مدھر گیت چھیڑئیے
ٹھہری ہوئی ہواؤں میں جادو بکھیریے

کھلی زلفیں جو پسند ھیں مجھے.
‏تم کیوں پونیوں پر خرچہ کرتی ھ

کب نہیں ناز اٹھائے ہیں تمھارے میں نے
دیکھو آنچل پہ سجائے ہیں ستارے میں نے

کس سمت سے آؤ گے اتنا تو بات دو 
میں آجسےرکھدوں اس راہ پر آنکھیں  

یہ چبھن اکیلے پن کی  یہ لگن اداس شب سے 
میں خود سے لڑ رہی ہوں تجھے کیا بتاوں کب سے..!

لاکھ سمجھایا کی شک کرتی ہے دنیا 
پاس سے گجر جایا کر مگر مسکرایا نہ کر 

Despite the changing times and evolving literary preferences, Urdu Shayari has not lost its allure. It has found new life on digital platforms, where lovers share their favorite poetry and engage in spirited discussions about poetry. Social media has become a fertile ground for emerging poets to showcase their talent, contributing to the preservation and propagation of this beloved art form.

We are providing you with the best sad and loving Shayari in Urdu. We have seen Love Shayari in Urdu and now it is the turn for Sad Shayari in Urdu. 

Sad Shayari in Urdu

Sadness is an emotion that we never share with anyone. But now you can share your sadness with the people you love with these Sad Shayari in Urdu. Now don’t feel shy, because we believe that sadness can be demolished by sharing it with others. Sadness should be shared with deep-meaning verses and words with Sad Shayari in Urdu.

بہت اذیت ناک ہوتا ہے
کسی کے پاس وہ دیکھنا جو آپ سے چھینا گیا ہو

کچھ دل کی مجبوریاں تھیں کچھ قسمت کے مارے تھے
ساتھ وہ بھی چھوڑ گئے جو جان سے پیارے تھے

تیری ایک جھلک کو ترس جاتا ہے دل میرا
قسمت والے ہیں وہ لوگ جو روز تیرا دیدار کرتے ہیں

یہ ساولی رنگت یہ سادہ سا ہولیہ یہ اداس آنکھیں
ہم سے کوئی جو دل لگائے تو کیوں لگائے

بن بتاے اس نے کیوں یہ دوری کردی
بچھڑ کے اس نے محبت ہی ادھوری کردی

 کیسے کریں ہم خود کو تیرے پیار کے قابل
جب ہم عادتیں بدلتے ہیں تم شرطیں بدل لیتے ہو

میں جس کے عشق میں کافر ہوا
وہ کسی اور کی خاطر مسلمان ہوگیا

مل چکی اپنے جرم کی سزا ہم کو
تا قیامت رہے گی تجھ سے امید وفا ہم کو

!میں تنہائی کو تنہائی میں تنہا کیسے چھوڑ دوں۔۔۔۔”
“تنہائی نے تنہائی میں میرا بہت ساتھ دیا ہے

شکست کھا کے بھی توہین زندگی نہ ہوئی
ہزار کام ہوۓ, ہم سے خود کشی نہ ہوئی

 نہ میرا دل برا تھا، نہ اس میں کوئی برائی تھی
سب مقدّر کا کھیل ہے قسمت میں ہی جدائی تھی

دیکھنے کو سارا عالم بھی کم ہے۔”
“.چاہنے کے لیے ایک چہرہ بہت۔۔

!آپ نے اس شخص کو کھو دیا جاناں
جو خدا سے آپ کی باتیں کیا کرتا تھا

تو مجھے چھوڑ کے جانے لگا تو یقین آیا ہے”
“سانسوں کے سوا کچھ بھی تو ضروری نہیں ہوتا

کتنا مشکل ہے اذیت یہ گوارا کرنا
دل سے اترے ہوۓ لوگوں میں گزارا کرنا

 یاد اس کی ابھی بھی آتی ہے”
“بری عادت ہے،کہاں جاتی ہے

We had a look at the best sad and love Shayari in Urdu with images. Which you can add to your status and stories. You can also use this Shayari while talking to your friend or lovers, which will create an impact in your talking. So use this Shayari wisely to take its full benefit. 

We hope you liked our “Urdu Shayari” post and you will share it with your friends and family members. You can use these Urdu shayari in many places like in anyones DM or speeches. We worked very hard for you to find these Urdu Shayari and edited it in a very beautiful way so you get in love with them. 

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