Vegetable names in Hindi and English with images | सब्जियों के नाम हिंदी औरअंग्रेजी में 

In this post, we will discuss Vegetable names in Hindi as well as in English. Today’s kids get confused about vegetable names in Hindi or English, the main reason behind that is they haven’t seen those vegetables in their life. And to solve this issue we brought you this post. In this post, kids will get to know about vegetable names in English and Hindi. 

And with that, they will also see an image of that vegetable which will help them to recognize that vegetable. This will help them to learn vegetable names.

We will provide them with all the vegetables we use in our daily lives. From the most hated bitter gourd to our favorite lady finger. You can find all these vegetables in this post.  Before moving toward the vegetables list let us first understand the importance of these vegetables and learn their names

Vegetable names in Hindi and English

We also provide you with vegetable charts that will make your child recognize vegetables. Vegetables play a very major role in our daily lives. Every morning lakhs of villagers come to big cities and start selling their grown vegetables. Vegetables come in our basic needs and this shows how important vegetables are in our lives. 

We will show you most of the vegetable names and vegetable images in Hindi and English also. Vegetables also help to maintain our health and body. They give us energy, minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and all necessary biomolecules. 

Most of us know about all the basic vegetables which are used in our daily lives. But many people and kids don’t know their original names. Or it is like they know vegetable names in Hindi or English but don’t know in other languages. So now don’t worry we will tell you in both the languages and also images to memorize easily.

Now we know enough about vegetables and vegetable names, Let’s directly move towards vegetable names in Hindi and English with images.

Carrotगाजर (Gajar)

Turnipशलजम (Shaljam)

Tomatoटमाटर (Tamatar)

Cucumberखीरा (Khhera)

Peasमटर (matar)

Brinjalबैगन (Baigan)

Culliflowerफूलगोभी (Phulgobhi)

Cornमक्का (Makka)

Pumpkinकद्दू (Kaddu)

Cabbageपत्ता गोभी (Patta Gobhi)

Broccoliहरी गोभी (hari gobi)

Garlicलहशुन (Lahshun)

Potatoआलू (Aaloo)

Onionप्याज (Pyaz)

Capsicum /Bell pepperशिमला मिर्च (Shimla Mirch)

Mintपुदीना (pudina)

Green Chilliहरी मिर्च (Haree mirch)

Lady Fingerभिंडी (Bhindee)

Spring Onionहरा प्याज (Hara pyaz)

Drumstickमोरिंगा, मूंगा (Moringa, Munga)

Coriander leafहरा धनिया (Hara Dhania)

Sweet Potatoशकरकंद (Shakarkand)

Radishमूली (Mooli)

Gingerअदरक (Adarak)

Bottle Gourdलौकी (Lauki)

Fenugreek Leafहरी मेथी (Haree Methi)

Jackfruitकटहल (Kathal)

Bitter Gourdकरेला (Karela)

We all should eat a decent amount of vegetables every day to stay fit and healthy. We would suggest you all kids check what vegetable u had in your day from the above-given list. 

In last I would say that we work so hard for you we surf the whole data, sort every piece of content, edit it, and wonderfully presented you, We hope you liked our “Vegetable names in Hindi and English with the images” post.

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